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Visual DialogScript 6.1

This version is for power users, business users and professional developers who use - or are developing scripts for - Windows 95/98/ME or Windows NT/2000/XP/VISTA/2008. This version can create EXE files (Once registered), and includes a royalty-free run-time license (Once registered). Additional features include an icon editor and support for many add-in extensions. As a 32-bit program it supports long filenames, task bar tray icons, unlimited length strings and string lists and the Windows Registry.. Note that the registration price between specific versions of Standard, Professional and Enterprise licences are different. For more information on the pricing, check the registration page.
Submitted By:
Emmanuel Daunizeau (admin)
Submitted On:
20 Jan 2024
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4,797.79 Kb
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Emmanuel Daunizeau
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Submitted On:
20 Jan 2024
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