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Visual DialogScript gives you the power to make quick automation for near everything without any particular programming knowledge. Try it, and less than one hour later make your first Windows application.

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V-Setup 3.0

imageDiscover the VDS perfect companion to distribute your job. Whatever is your favorite language, V-Setup will fit all your needs.

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VDS 6 Professional Edition + V-Setup 3
VDS 6 Professional Edition + V-Setup 3
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Extensive Help

Visual DialogScript includes an extensive help and dozens of examples. Don't miss out on our PDF manual available with the Enterprise version. Examples feature step by step guides for most commands and functions, each designed to help you make up your application and get the most out of our DialogScript language.

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Visual DialogScript, Professionalism and Simplicity

Simple and professional, Visual DialogScript gives you the tools you need to create batch process, automation or even full featured application. Whether it's for business or for pleasure, Visual DialogScript offers versatile options and a multitude of features.

Take advantage of the easy but powerful language Dialogscript for a fast realisation of your project. As numerous programmers, combine a naturally speaking language with your ideas and make real your applications in only a fraction of the time it should have taken using any other language on the market. Learn more...


Vista UAC enabled

Visual DialogScript as V-Setup are totally Vista compatible. UAC and rights elevation are handled according to your needs.

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