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Happy New Year 2007
Subject: Happy New Year 2007
Send date: 2008-01-04 00:17:52
Issue #: 2

Happy New Year!

We are glad to start this new year with the release of VDS 6 and with live sales opened. You can now buy Visual DialogScript 6 and receive your license within 2 business days.

We are currently requiring a two day wait from purchase to license delivery due to fraudulent purchases over the past year, we have choosen to manually process sales and this requires verification and processing time.

There are already several registered visitors on the new website, don't wait any longer and register yourself to benefit from the forums and future site improvements.

The registered users site is still operational and can help you to retrieve your registration information (username/password) from the previous VDS version(s) that you may have purchased.

Simply send us your details and 2co order number and you'll receive within 24 hours, the following steps to upgrade your software.

Looking for volunteers!

We are currently looking for volunteers to create a "Technical papers section" at It would have the form of short written tutorials around specific tasks using VDS.

If you have experience in subjects like networking, e-papers and generally any information in which you find VDS convenient, please share your point of view with visitors by feeding this new section as writters!

You said testimonials?

This brand new site needs now to be supported by users. We'll be glad if some of you could post kind honnest testimonials in the Visual DialogScript menu.

The future of VDS mainly relies on its user base. We are confident and are working actively to make a prosperous future for VDS.

Killer apps!

Did you create a killer app using VDS? Do you distribute or sell a commercial level product VDS related? Our site is actually on the rush! We can after review, add your program into our file repository with or without any affiliate condition and you can benefit from free advertising to your killer app! Contact to submit your possible products.

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