ImageYou can get support here. Try first to browse our faq in order to check if your problem has already got an answer. If not, please use our supports forums. You'll find in it a fast and efficient way to get support on all our products.

Feel free to contact us using our contact form for dedicated support.

   Pre-Sales is for those who seek a little more information regarding Visual DialogScript prior to purchasing a registration.  There is no charge for Pre-Sales questions.

    First Level is for those who have already purchased a registration and require a little help with installation issues, VDS bug issues, or just need a small hand up on getting started with Visual DialogScript.  There is no charge for First Level questions, unless your questions are deemed to be questions that would fall under the Premium Level, at which time the representative will notify you and ask if you wish to continue on to the Premium Level.  For information regarding the Premium Level, please read the next paragraph.

    Premium Level is for those who require assistance with source code issues in their projects.  This is not a free level.  This level is a paid level which is $49 per session.  A session is defined as the time you start talking with a representative to the time the issue is resolved, within approximately a 60 minute to 90 minute period of time.  If it looks like your assistance will require a longer period of time, you may be asked purchase another session before the representative can continue to aid you in your project issue(s).

    If you require the VDS Team to code your program partially or in full, or require a dll to be built for your project, the representative will gather all needed information from you and you will either be given a quote at that time, or via email within a day or two.